Residential and Multifamily Security

Many neighborhoods and multifamily developments rely on independent security professionals such as Cleveland Corporate Protection Services to work in tandem with local police and provide an always-on and at the ready security presence.

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Keeping The Peace In The Neighborhood

Private residential neighborhoods such as home owners associations and gated communities rely on outside security providers such as Cleveland Corporate Protection Services to patrol and monitor the neighborhood. Our security and monitoring services are provided by licensed and armed special police to stay a step ahead of bad actors looking to vandalize, break in, or otherwise harm people or property in the neighborhood.

We offer 24/7/365 monitoring and patrolling or based on your specific time requirements and shifts. Cleveland Corporate Protection Services residential security services include

  • Direct dispatch number for residents
  • Badged security agents
  • GPS monitored vehicles
  • Mounted or on-foot patrol
  • Guest check-in

Contact Cleveland Corporate Protection Services today for a free security review and to discuss how CCPS can help you to secure your residential neighborhood.

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Cleveland Corporate Protection Services will support your neighborhood or multifamily residential housing with Security Services catered to your specific and unique needs.