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a Solutions-Focused Security Firm.

Cleveland Corporate Protection Services provides corporate security, private policing and investigations throughout Ohio. We pride ourselves on being professional, reliable, accountable, and ready-to-move.

  • A security officer's presence isn’t enough. Your employees and customers, your property and your equipment all deserve a more comprehensive and well thought-out security plan.

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  • Leave the security and logistics to us. CCPS provides executive protection services for high profile individuals to ensure their safety and prevent security issues.

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  • Trust our expert security and private police force to monitor your office, manufacturing facility, lot, or other corporate-owned property.

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  • Get where you're going in style and safely. This team will work in conjunction with our transportation logistics group Cleveland Corporate Limousine Services.

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  • We're a licensed private investigation firm with the capability to help you solve cases of theft, vandalism, threats, and more.

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  • We'll assess your corporate security protocols to determine your preparedness for common risk factors such as break-ins, theft, vandalism and more, and identify security protocols in order to keep your organization safe.

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  • Labor disputes, plant/facility closings or public protests, can be a catalyst for a safety crisis at your business.

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  • The All-terrain vehicle (ATV) and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) unit is a specialized group of officers skilled in using these tools, that when deployed will deter, protect and mitigate loss or theft.

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  • Our response team can be expertly paired with your remote guarding/electronic security services to provide a comprehensive, fast responding solution.

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Security Requires Accountability, Accountability Starts With

Cleveland Corporate Protection Services

On our honor, we will never betray our badge, our integrity, our character, or the trust of your organization. We will always have the courage to hold ourselves and others accountable for their actions. We will always uphold the constitution, support our community and work diligently for the organizations we serve.

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